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Webtoon School

Author: Hong Nan Ji, Lee Jong Beom

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Paperback: ​9781952787171
Ebook: 9781952787188

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“If there are 10,000 creators in the world, there are 10,000 webtoons.” Hong Nan Ji


Are you an aspiring webtoon artist? Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to make it in one of today’s most exciting fields of popular culture? Find out in Webtoon School.


Available in English for the first time.


With Korean culture capturing imaginations around the world, more people than ever are discovering webtoons, the groundbreaking fusion of manhwa with online platforms. Until now, there has been no ‘how-to’ book dedicated to webtoons, and aspiring creators have had to make do with accessing material from other industries, like comic books and movie-making. Webtoon School is changing all that.


Discover the secrets of creating Korean-style webtoon content from two of the industry’s leading experts. Lee Jong Beom, creator of the hit webtoon Doctor Frost, and Hong Nan Ji, author of Webtoon Performance and Reader’s Pleasure, guide the readers of Webtoon School through the entire process of becoming a successful webtoon artist.


Webtoon School is a complete guide to webtoon creation that not only helps readers devise storylines and hone their art, but even walks them through the process of getting paid to publish their work. There can be no more useful book for anyone hoping to become a professional webtoon artist, whether they are just starting out, or perhaps looking to make the move into webtoons from traditional comics, Japanese manga, or Korean manhwa.


This comprehensive guide includes practical advice on all aspects of webtoon creation, including:


•   What is a webtoon? The essential basics

•   What makes an interesting story?

•   How to carry out effective research

•   Writing engaging plots

•   Creating characters that the readers will love—or love to hate!

•   How a successful story is constructed

•   What does it mean to ‘direct’ a webtoon?

•   Making a story into a serial

•   How to get published—where to take your work, how to submit it, and how to speak to the decision-makers

•   And last but not least: how to make money out of webtoon creation


Intended to be a book that creators return to time and time again over the course of their careers for inspiration and motivation, Webtoon School has something to offer the webtoon artist no matter what stage of their journey they are on. It is the authors’ intention and great hope that the ‘graduates’ of Webtoon School will go on to be the greatest webtoon storytellers of the future.


Take the first step on the path to professional webtoon success with Webtoon School!

"A tool necessary for all webtoon artists who want to sail the sea of ​​webtoon!"

  • Joo Homin, Webtoon artist of <Along with the Gods>, <Infinite Power>, <Bing Tanghulu>


"It's nice to meet the essence of webtoon creation in this wonderful book. I express my gratitude to the authors for their exceptional work."

  • Yang Young-soon, Webtoon artist of <Denma>, <A Thousand and One Nights>, <Noodle Nude>


"I hope more people will succeed in getting ideas with Webtoon School."

  • Lee Jung-heon, Lezhin Comics PD

About the Author

Lee Jong Beom, creator of the hit webtoon Doctor Frost, and Hong Nan Ji, author of Webtoon Performance and Reader’s Pleasure

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