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Mariposa 1

Mariposa Series 

Author: Y. R. Shin

Translator: Stephanie Cha​

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Paperback: ​
Ebook: 9781952787010

The inevitable encounter of two knights and their queen who rose from death to continue their love and war from centuries ago

With an already established large fan base, Mariposa is a bestselling epic fantasy in Korea

Mariposa will make readers root for its remarkable heroine with a dark past, in a richly built world full of intrigue, cocky knights, and a war that threatens bringing her secrets to light

An eighteen-year-old daughter of a horse dealer, Reuyen Detua, is the reincarnation of Queen Swan Sekalrid Rarkalia. Queen Swan was beheaded by her own husband two hundred years ago for being a tyrant after years of conquest that left the country neglected. 


Reuyen faces an impasse between Paseid Calandok Brionake, in whom she sees sides of her stoic, calculating, and cold husband who truly was thoughtful and kind, and Balroid Peijak Mariposa, her previous half-brother and “the queen’s knight,” who begs for her love while showing unbridled hatred for his motherland. 


The clash of the three marks the beginning of a distressing, violent, vicious war, much like their love.  


Reuyen once again holds up her royal sword and forges destiny. The unexpectedly intricate epic will reveal itself as the story follows Reuyen’s battles.  


Editorial Reviews


Mariposa has an exquisite and distinct charm with its fascinating subject of war and meticulously designed world.



It all began two hundred years ago, in a small country in the north. 

Rarke was a kingdom on the border between the north and the west of the continent. The princess, Swan Sekalrid Rarkalia, had the king's fiery hair, and she loved Rarke more than anyone else. After the king's funeral, Swan married the margrave from House Brionake, the largest house of warriors, and sat on the coldest and most beautiful throne in the world.
"Until when should the people of Rarke fight over small lands in this cold? Shall we leave the rich, fertile lands with golden crops to the hillbillies in the south and continue to hold our breath for the coming of winter?" No one dared to oppose the queen with the greatest knight in the country, Peijak Dollehan, on her left, and the best margrave in the north, Belbarote Paseid of Brionake, House of Warriors, on her right.
A conquest began after five hundred years of peace. No one could stop the cold-hearted queen who stood at the front of her army and granted love to her soldiers and shameless death to her enemies. "A little more, a little more, and the north and the south will unite, and this continent will be named the continent of Rarke," In less than eight years, they reached the final border in the far south. With the richest and the most beautiful kingdom, Morgana, left.
"I have been ordered to bring Queen Swan Sekalrid Rarkalia back to the palace, Your Majesty."
After thirty-seven years of ferocious fighting, all she had left was land rotten with blood and the resentment of thousands. She embraced her destiny without tears. It was the end of a twisted patriotism and rancid madness. With the death of the tragic queen, her horrifying conquest disappeared into history with Morgana's victory.
"I, brother of Queen Swan Sekalrid of Rarkalia, request refuge at Morgana." Peijak Dollehan Mariposa prophesied, "Tell Rarke. The queen you betrayed will return with me."
And two hundred years passed.

About the Author

Y. R. Shin is a bestselling author in Korea with the Mariposa series and other published works including Misa, Barayeon, Water Trumpet Flower, The Castle where Thorn Trees Weep, Tracing the Shadows of Water, and more.

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