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Just the Two of Us 2

Just the Two of Us Series

Author: Ryu Hyang

Translator: Stephanie Cha​


Paperback: ​9781952787102

Ebook: 9781952787096

Soohyuk, a pediatric emergency medicine specialist, came to Korea in search of his birth parents, wanting to sort through the muddled darkness of his past. When he met Yuna, an anxious cook, he didn’t expect to fall in love.

Yuna has struggled all her life to trust men after an incident in her past and spends all her time doting upon her nephew and pursuing her one true love: cooking. The last thing she expected when she met Soohyuk was that she would want to move in with him.

Both took a leap of faith and found happiness. Now, it seems certain they were meant for each other. Yet, navigating the twists and turns of a real relationship proves more difficult than either of them expected. Yuna fears what her brother will say when he finds out she’s living with Soohyuk, and she grapples with the changes brought on by her young nephew’s recent medical diagnosis. Meanwhile, Soohyuk is tied up working hours on end at S University Hospital, fending off the hospital director and his son, who can’t seem to leave him alone.

As they build a new life together in Seoul, both of them help each other grow. Soohyuk encourages Yuna to open herself up to him in ways she never has before, and Yuna encourages Soohyuk to open his heart to the possibility of forgiving the family he once had and lost, who might be closer than he thinks.

About the Author

Ryu Hyang was born in Seoul. She wishes to be a writer who brings joy to everyone who reads her stories and is always in their memories. She is a romance buff to the core who always dreams of happy endings. Her published works in Korea include Light and Shadow, Golden Time, Glory, The Gift, Ryuhyang, Dear My Rose, The Good Man, Creep, An Ocean of Light, Summer, The Beauty and the Beast, To the One Who Loves Me, Candle in a Storm, One Fine Day, The Night Wind, The Fair Wind, Colors of the Wind, The Sound of the Wind, N.I.G. (Now is Good), The Vow, Just the Two of Us, River Flow, Sally Says, The Nights Under the Moonlight.

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