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Just the Two of Us 1

Just the Two of Us Series

Author: Ryu Hyang

Translator: Stephanie Cha​

Paperback: ​9781952787058

Ebook: 9781952787041

A heartwarming story of two people who were meant for each other.


Soohyuk: a pediatric emergency medicine specialist. A man who never eats something someone else gives him.


Soohyuk, the tyrant who rules S University Hospital’s pediatric emergency room. He only cares about treating sick children, whether or not that gets in the way of advancing his career. He, a grouch to everyone aside from the patients, suddenly starts noticing a woman: the woman who feeds him.


Yuna: a chef who makes boxed lunches. A woman who panics and collapses whenever she meets a man, due to trauma from her past.


Wanting to do what she likes rather than going off to college, Yuna opens up her own business that specializes in boxed lunches, A Tasty Meal. She gets scared when one day she sees the tall Soohyuk standing outside her restaurant, but she soon learns he is only drawn to the delicious smell. And, somehow, she becomes to be in charge of Soohyuk's everyday meals.

When Soohyuk meets Yuna, a confident, surefooted woman who gets startled and scared when he comes near, he wants to know everything there is to know about her.


“Did you collapse because you don’t like me? Or are you scared of men?”

Editorial Reviews


Soohyuk, a pediatric emergency medicine specialist at a hospital in Seoul, only ever passes by A Tasty Meal, a local restaurant of sorts, when it’s either not open yet or closed. But one day, he finally passes by when it’s open. Yuna, the owner and chef of the restaurant, is frightened when she sees a silhouette of a tall man standing outside her door. When Soohyuk comes in at last, she is relieved to learn he was only drawn to the delicious smell.


Taken by the pork cutlet sandwich she gives him as a sample of her cooking, and convinced that her food is the only food in Korea that both tastes good and doesn’t make him have a violent stomachache all night, Soohyuk asks her to sell him all three meals, every day. She agrees, and he’s grateful to finally have good foot to eat between his long shifts at the hospital. As they slowly get to know each other as business owner and customer, they both find themselves oddly attracted to each other.


But Soohyuk’s harsh way of speaking and Yuna’s fear of men, due to trauma from her past, get in the way of any chance they might have at romance. Until Soohyuk meets Yuna’s beloved nephew and notices worrisome symptoms in the young boy, symptoms that could mean he will face an uncertain future. The sudden shift in Yuna’s family’s life forces her to reconsider what truly matters to her, and take a chance at a love she never believed she would find.  


About the Author

Ryu Hyang was born in Seoul. She wishes to be a writer who brings joy to everyone who reads her stories and is always in their memories. She is a romance buff to the core who always dreams of happy endings. Her published works in Korea include Light and Shadow, Golden Time, Glory, The Gift, Ryuhyang, Dear My Rose, The Good Man, Creep, An Ocean of Light, Summer, The Beauty and the Beast, To the One Who Loves Me, Candle in a Storm, One Fine Day, The Night Wind, The Fair Wind, Colors of the Wind, The Sound of the Wind, N.I.G. (Now is Good), The Vow, Just the Two of Us, River Flow, Sally Says, The Nights Under the Moonlight.

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